___ school girl's assertion

Got up a bit earlier than usual to go out
So even the train was empty
The view was a bit different than usual
Looks like i did a good thing

Oh, mom, jumping to conclusions!
I didn't need
A packed lunch for today

While waiting to change trains, i stop by a shop
Acting all mature and buying a fashion magazine

It's the usual time for me to wait for my friends
And i'm thinking about a lot of things

Like where i'm heading towards in the future

My friends have all come together
Cell phones in their hands

Talking about
Last night's tv show
Or a fight with our boyfriend

As we begin our fun chatter
The mood from before disappears somewhere

Is this okay to be this way?
I don't really know
But is it because we're school girls?

Eventually i get caught up in it

Even if i think differently about it
I wonder what other people around me think?

Is it okay to be this way?
I don't really know
But i have dreams too

A dream i really want to make come true

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