Reason: Now you know the truth, what will you do?
Me: I still can't believe it's true…
Passion: You better believe it, and make them pay!
Me: There has to be another way…

Pride: You cannot take this lying down!
Me: I gotta stand up, can you show me how?
Love: You must forgive them and open your heart
Me: It's all my fault, it tears me apart!

Agony: It would have been better if you would have just died!
Me: No, I've got to win this fight!
Fear: But can you face them after all you did?
Me: I gotta reveal the feelings I hid

Best Friend: See him fight, he's all on his own…
Me: I need your help, can't do it alone!
Wife: Listen to me, can you hear me shout?
Me: Let me out!!

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