merlin, who is unaffected by -and therefore ignorant
of- the 'time telepathy' experiment,
assumes that ayreon's prophecies are deceptive,
and so ayreon must be silenced.
or could there be an undertone of envy in his words?

ayreon, don't you know who i am
ayreon, i'll have you know that i can
charm you with a wave of my hand
you bow to my command

ayreon, you're an evil stranger
ayreon, you've become a danger
your words are all but a lie
i vow that ye shall die

it's merlin's will, his will be done
the end has come for ayreon
it's merlin's will
and his will be done

ayreon, you're in my domain now
ayreon, i renounce your name now
no one will know who you are
you'll fade out like a star

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