"Last night
The prodigy has been working on the theory of everything
For months now. He's totally exhausted
But is sure that the final missing piece
Is just around the corner
Then one evening he gets an unexpected visitor."

I’m down here on my knees
Feeling the weight of shame
How could I have done this
To you, my son
I can’t believe my eyes
Is it really you?
Why should I forgive you
After all you’ve done

I was driven and blind
Not so unlike yourself
We can still work together
If you allow me
Why should I give you a chance?
Why should I trust you now?
Ha… I bet you are helpless
Without me

If we join our minds
Then together we can do this
We both want to be the first
We both want to change the world
We can work all night
Till we find out what the truth is

We’ll solve this mystery
Be a part of history
I’m so damn close
I’ll fill in the blanks
I could use a hand
Just give me this chance
For we’re on the verge of a breakthrough

Let’s join our minds
It’s our destiny to do this
We’re going to be the first
We’re going to change the world
We’ll work all night
Till we find out what the truth is
We both know we’ll never sleep
Till we make this quantum leap
We are in this way too deep

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