When I die there won´t be much
To salvage from my earning,
I´ve never had a lot of land or houses to my name.
I´ve never been a corporate prince on Madison in New York

I´ve never held a dimond in my hand
But I´ve seen children laughing
As only children can,
And I´ve known my Creator;
And I´ve been a Happy Man.

I never really loved the way
I saw it in the movies
But I had myself a woman of my own.
The place we lived was modest
And we kept the yard together.
I never travelled far from my home town
But I´ve heard music playing that made me understand;
And I´ve been a Happy Man

Life has had its hard times when
I felt the chill of winter
I can´t forgert the night when
My sweet Julie slipped away.
But growing old was different than
I always thought it would be
The sweetness of my youth just grew with age
`cause I´ve known wealth and beauty
Beneath his guiding hand;
And knowing soon I´ll see Him has made me a Happy Man (bis)

1976 by Pat Terry

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