B5 (the next generation)
Worldwide ( Corner Boys)
Bad Boy Baby
As we Proceed to give you what you need
The empire strikes back
C'mon Man!

It's the way that you touch me
You let me know that you love me
(Oh Yeah)
and the way that you kiss me
You let me know that you miss me
And nobody's gonna take me from you

You got, you got, you got me
Going crazy I'm caught up
I don't know what to do
You got, you got, you got me
(All you gotta do is) call me
I'll be there in a hurry baby

You make me feel special
I'm on top of the world when I'm next to you
I just wanna caress you(you)
I love all the things that you do
I'm right here I ain't going no where cause


I know it's hard for you to see, for you to see (to see), for you to see
That girl you're the only one for me. You got me yeah.

[Kelly's Rap]
I'm clean from my feet up
Check my jeans and my sneakers
Flee from the scene like a cheetah
Then I come right back with love
Matter fact I'ma back you up
Its not a act so
Don't try to act like
You don't wanna act right
Looking for me in the daytime with a flashlight
I'm not a half pint
More like a liter
I'll leave you my phone number and I'll see you when i see you
More charming than Mike Sever
I'm either that hottest dude spittin
Or Ya'll dudes is trippin
And a lot thugs chase the bus
But I ain't press on a bird
Can't nobody break us up
Cause now you got me
You can spend 100 thou with papi
Automobiles or the Kawasaki sent
We a team till the death
And I wanna be your homeboy, your boyfriend, your boo, and your best friend
You got me


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