I'm Walkin Through The Club
Black Fitted On
Bout To Caught The Fox(?)
Get Her In My Zone
Don't Be Gettin Mad
I'm Just Sayin:
What I'm on Tonight


She Lookin Kinda Hot
Dancing All Alone
Imma Get Up On That
Imma Get Her Going,
Imma Tell Her what We bout To Do Tonight

Your Heart


You Should Let Me In It
I Got The Remedy For You Girl
Lemme Fix It
He's Been Doin You Way Too Wrong,
Shawty You Way Too Grown
Why You Wastin Your Time?


Anybody Out There Ever Been A Victim
Why You Let Him Treat You Like A VIctim?
Girl I Could Do You Better
You Shpuld Switch Him
Ain't Gotta Be His Victim,
Anybody Out There Tired Of Bein A Victim?
Baby, I Could Do You Better
You Should Switch Him
Imma Show You Just How To Forget Him


T-T-T-Tell Me If You Hear What I'm Sayin
You Sould Put Me On
Let Me Be Your Man
Tell Bout Your Dreams
Girl It's In My Plans

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