Your mind is blank, it's shivering cold
You don't know what to say
So damn scared, feel so alone
You don't know what you got until is gone

And it seems so long but it's oh, so short
I guess that's the truth
So many things you wanted to say
you thought you could wait just another day

It''s over now
You know it's true, but you can't believe it
I''s over now
But I'll see you again

Your heart is aching and you've had enough
Feel so down, but you gotta hang tough
It's alright, you know it's alright
Shined so bright now the flame is gone
You cry all night until the break of dawn
It's alright, it's alright
It takes time, my friend

Sitting on the front porch
Your head is spinning round
When you close your eyes and dream away
It's like yesterday's gone, everything is O.K.

When the pouring rain brings you back to life
It's like a sign from above
Hard to get by, it's written in stone
What happens next is yet unknown

You need some shelter
Someone to be your guide
Just a little helper
'Cause you can't hold it all inside

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