1, 2, 3, 4, yeah!

This time you've gone too far
Like a fool with no sense
This whole thing's so bizarre

This is more than enough
You know it's getting pretty tense
If you keep it up, it's gonna be rough

'Cause I'm a live wire
Yes, I'm bad
The time has come to draw the line
Your lies make me shiver down my spine

You know you gotta lick 'em
But you lick yourself
No fuel, you're going down fast
There's nobody home
You gotta kiss 'em, but you kiss yourself
Damn right, you ain't gonna last
There's nobody home

You've got my life in your hands
That's a thing I regret
Now you're crushing all my plans

Demolition straight to hell
Check me out 'cause now I'm gone
I'm human shotgun shell

You know I'm a live wire
Yes, I'm bad to the bone

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