Maybe I drink too much
You think I'm hard to touch
That's just the way I am

You think my hair's too long
You don't know right from wrong
You'll never get to me

We're going up
Doing time on the bright side of town
Turn on the night
Living it up in fast lane

You put me down in the name of jealousy
It don't matter at all
'Cause I'm and old school son of a bitch
I do the talking with my fist
Got your six- guns loaded
but you can't catch me
it don't matter at all
'Cause I'm a handsome son of a gun
Raisin' hell and having fun

Won't let it rattle, rattle my bones
Won't let it rattle

This is my heart and soul
I call it rock n roll
That's just my point of view

I'd rather hang with my cats
And rolling dice with the rats
You know it's up to me

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