Girl, you're so demanding
Try to keep you satisfied
You roll your eyes and look so tired

Baby it's not easy
Doing my best but always fail
Need some new air, got too stale

And maybe it's not over
But right now I can see a way
Hanging on from day to day

I feel like I can't take it
I'm fresh out of ideas right now
If there's someway, then show me how

Girl you're so demanding
Nothing that I say or do
Can ever get a smile from you

Act like you're so busy
Feel bad for the time I take
You leave me trailing in your wake

I think I'm going crazy
It's like I'm on a different page
But you're the one who's acting strange

So baby what's the answer?
Right now I got no idea
Wish I could just disappear
(Just disappear... just disappear...)

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