Follow the water to its source. right up the valley.
Trace a winding course.
I want to see those things you
Sing about like bottled visions i have taken. i dream aloud.

Now, teach me to see without obstruction. all i want to know,
Just how you function.

Back to the roots of your existence, bring me along.

Conjure a moment, hide your frame. under the starlight, your ledger
Held their names. and i could see your hands vividly as they extracted the color from
Words and strings.

Well, all through the night
Those restless hours i saw by the light that you provided.

Skies not so bright compared to what you keep behind those eyes.

Morning derouse me from my sleep. i was reluctant to acknowledge truth
From dream. for you had come and gone so hastily, but i was grateful for
One night beside the stream.

Teach me to see without obstruction.
All i want to know, just how you function. back to the roots of your
Existence. bring me along.

Lost, our sense of space and time as the river banks grew wide.
And the frost clung to our sides, you and i.

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