All alone, up in my room
The clock strikes twelve
It feels so soon

Two o'clock, three kicks inFour o'clock
That's when I begin, oh yeah

Through the doors
Through the halls
Down the elevator
To the second floor

Across the bar
In a thin green dress
I catch your smile
And then I said oh God
It's not my bedtime story
Or sience fiction
It's just a matter of fact
If I fall to temptation
It's my decision to turn back
Oh yes, with open eyes in the dark
Oh yeah, we come together
We come together

Soul to soul, I found a love
Soul to soul to soul
Soul to soul to soul, she's got a Gucci love
Soul to soul to soul

Moonswept alibis
Sleepin' away the night
As you and I walk alone
Hand and hand
We cast shadows of love
There's a good thing goin' on
With open eyes
We come together
We come together

It's our song
We sing alone
It's our song
We sing of love

She's got this feelin'
That I can't get enough
It's like strawberry jelly
It's a tough too much
I gotta expert timing
She's skin slappin' love
I can tell you something child
I loose control

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