Look in my diary, the book of my life
Each page that is written, tells of the strife
The memories of living, long lonely years
Stained with a hundred, a thousand dried tears

Every page echoes a world that was mine
A world full of hardships, a world so unkind
Each page a story reflecting my past
All of the people we're parts of the cast

The good ones i met, the one's i despised
All the hurts all the lies
Yet one page is clear, no pen bears it' mark
That time of my life apart from the dark
When you came to me, so fresh and so new
That one page i'll save, to remind me of you

But now your gone, i'm lonely again
Your name will be written, i'm holding the pen
To write how you left never saying goodbye
To close out this chap, i'm still wondering why

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