I'm finally approaching the end of a dream
Although i'm to perish, it's not what it seems
The windfair's gliding, locked to it's course
My circus like ending, will bring no remorse

The task that's before me is stated quite clear
Destroy the intruders, they shouldn't be here
Just laying the problem before me sincere
Was all that i needed, needed to hear

I'm tracing a vision i chose, please take my crying,
For it's joy that it shows
So give me my orders and let me get there,
I've waited so long, such a lifetime
To guide the windfair

She's not much to look at, her dents and her rust
But she was my fathers, a ship you could trust
Oh! man did he love her, no wrong could she do
And now i know, yes i know i'm loving her too!

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