Prettiest one that ever talked to me
Bought her a coke and Jim bean
Sting of bourbon on her lip
Big tab and twenty dollar tip
She put her hand on my thigh
So I grabbed my wallet and opened wide

She didn't like me, but she loved my money, she cleared my clouds n' made it sunny
She wanted friends and I wanted honey. She didn't like me, but she loved my money

I asked her if I could take her home, nervous my expense account grown
She put her bosom to my face, hope my money didn't go to waste
Guess I aint not big bank hank, all my bread wound up in the tank
So I go to bed with her on my mind, and I'm flat broke one more time

A man can only spend so much
Getting played by a woman's touch
But tomorrow night ill try again, try to be more than just her friend

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