I wanted the music to play on forever
Have I stayed to long at the fair?
I wanted the clown to be constantly clever
Have I stayed to long at the fair?
I bought me blue ribbons to tie up my hair
But I couldn't find anybody to care

The merry-go-round is beginning to slow now
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
There is nothing to win
And there's no one to want me

Look at that face, just look at it!
Look at that fabulous face of yours
I knew first look I took at it
This was the face that the world adores
Look at those eyes
As wise and as deep as the sea
Look at that nose
It shows what a nose should be
As for your smile, it's lyrical
Friendly and warm as a summer day
Your face is just a miracle
Where could I ever find words to say
The way that it makes me happy
Whatever the time or place
I will find in no book
What I find when I look
At that face!

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