When I fall, you're my place to land,
I lose my touch, you're my hands,
The one I hold on to
If you ever run out of reasons to try
I love enough for both you and I
I'll be the one, you can run to

I'd rather go through, any pain love puts us through,
Than to spend one day without you be my side

If you ever leave me,
Will you take me with you
If you're ever lonely,
I wanna be lonely too
My home's beside you,
No matter where you may go
My love's inside you,
Even more than you know

In a world of anger and lies
I find peace in your eyes
A flame in the darkness
And thru all space and time
Till every star refuses to shine
You know where my heart is

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

And I can't remember life without you,
The way it used to be
Feels like a million years away
But hold me till the angels sing
Tell me every little thing
Promise me forever,
From this day

Repeat Chrous

Even more that you know (x4)

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