Oh the pyramid's gone..isn't that nice
You see the stars
Isn't that nice
Yeah you have to turn it all off
And stop take the time to let yourself unwind
Make the time for simple pleasures
Turn away from all the chaos and confusion
Of a world that's spinning out of it's mind

Yes stop
Look around but this time really see
All the colors of the sky
Hurry less, linger more
Maybe then you'll find as you're rushing life
Is rushing by

Give yourself the gift of a quiet afternoon
Call a friend you haven't seen for ages
Curl up with a book in a cozy corner
Happy getting lost in it's pages
Walk along the shore
Leave your footprints in the sand
Sip a cup a cocoa on a winter night
Make a baby squeal with laughter
Feel the joy that follows after
To your hearts delight

Go on and take a breath
Just turn off the noise
And you will hear the music play
Candle light, a chocolate bar, a kiss goodnight
And there you are
With simple pleasures everyday

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