Duet with Don Johnson

Nothing lived nothing grew
Till I love you
Every sky ever gray never blue
You were my friend good friend
And sometimes I would wonder
If the one to save me
Could possible be you

I was lost I was blind
Till I met you
Would see, couldn't find someone new
You were my friend dear friend
I held you close to my heart
But I never thought I'd feel the way I do

Until that certain moment
When I loved you
And I can never imagine my living without you
It seems that I spend all of my time thinking only about you

Once I dreamed (once I dreamed)
In a dream
I would find you (I would find you)
Never thought that this dream would come true
Until that curtain (curtain) lifted (Lifted) parted (Parted)
Drifted (Drifted) from you
Until that certain moment when I loved you

(Musical Interlude)

Until that certain (Til that certain)
Moment (Moment)
Certain (Til that certain)
Moment When I love you
When I love you
When I loved you

Nothing lived (nothing lived)
Nothing grew (Nothing Grew)
Till I love you (Till I loved you)
Every sky (Every Sky)
Ever gray (ever gray)
Never blue (Never blue)

Empty days, empty night
Sometimes I'd wondered
Could the one to save me
Possibly be you

Ohhh, I was lost
I was blind till I found (Till I found you)
Wouldn't see, (Couldn't see)
Couldn't find (Couldn't find) someone new
You came along stole my heart completely
And I thought could the one to save me possible be you


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