You 'bout to witness somethin' like no other
The sky gon' get dark, street's gon' clutter
Weak-ass niggaz out there gon' suffer
Vets gon' quit, it's gettin' hectic
The shit got deep right about the time
When the year skipped a beat, that's when my shit hit the street
Shit gon' shake up, squads gon' break up
Coats gon' get pulled, niggaz gon' wake up

Everybody want see a chance to eat
And chance the streets, you know they gon' 'vance police
Like the time they shackled me from hands to feet
'cause i gave the jail system, a chance to speak
You know the cops wanna trap me up, the block wanna clap me up
It won't stop 'til they wrap me up
Gat be tucked, heat gon' back me up
R.o.c. bleek come on nigga, back me up

Yeah yo, aiyyo memph the young god, boss of this game
Got my part locked, i does my thang
Don't mistake me, i tote them thangs
Glock fo' pop off, knocks off thangs
Whole squad here, you know my click
Petit nice thing, you know my bitch
Wide body truck, you know my whip
Cop that rock that pop that shit

Y'all niggaz, talk about, ain't really got
Me, i think dog, you not really hot
The hood i be, i stay in the drop
My hood, yo' hood, i'll lock any block
East to west coast, chi-town, baby
I come through, it's my town, baby
A.t.l., i yell, "whattup my baby?"
Hit that, get that, bye bye baby!

Guess who? young hov'
'bout to tear this motherfucker down
Holla at me! it goes jigga man huh, it goes
Nah! y'all niggaz ain't gon' have me rappin' on the bullshit man
I, i need some real music
So when we count to three and shit
Ya gonna drop some real shit
One, two, three, let's go!

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