Words unspoken
And plans left undone
Thoughts so dark to share with someone
Eyes deceive
And words mislead
Hardly an open book for you to read
Read between the lines
See behind my eyes
Touch something inside
Anything to wake me up and realize
Missinterpitation about life
Endearement of death
Inearths and blinds
Breaks inside
Dying sun is rising
Solar flares reach to the ground
Burning me
Setting free
Flames of the end
After all the life inside
Still so much death in my thoughs
It´s killing me
Sharpen theets
And nine inch nails
Blades like razors
Soflty impales
Burn marks around my skin
I am the father
To define my sins
She begings to spread
Her black feathered wings
Darkness that she brings
Spreading like black cancer cells
The sound from death bells
Playing the lullaby
Notes of my demise
Soundtrack for my dreams, nightmares, beliefs

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