A decade ago I felt like "unbreakable"
And i had an "angel" in my songs
A lont time hast past, but many things have lasted
I still hear the wings of a "seraphim"

I am still a sleepless "dreamer"
Stand behind "father and son"
Black heart, "faithless", unbeliever
Still each night before the dawn I hear the "deadsong"

I am "alone"
With "monsters" in "my room"
The have come to take me

Before I "disappear"
Into "my darkness"
I want you to "hide me"

I watch the "morning sun"
Without "vengeance" or "wrath"
I'll wait for the "black dawn to come "..."
Don't look behind, wish for things to be "undone"
Things happen for a reason under the "dying sun"

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