Painting the sky, the image within
too big a sky compared to where Im in

But the star I drew was shining so bright

Always twinkling, a spark in the night

In this tiny palm of mine
such a dream, and ambition so big
now that it's looking, searching a way,
cut corners to get out of this place

Shoot out to the sky,
oh my red rocket, jump to the sky
go straight ahead now, right in the wind's eye
fight towards the wind
past is what you have to leave,
go beyond the rainbow

Go on now!
look for the cloudin a shape of a whale
what to do you see in the sky that's beyond
let go of yourself,
your dream will go on
when you jump out of your wolrd so let it go

There was no map to be found in my sight
but my eyes are looking where I wanna be
path I take is got to be the right way,
no one's gonna tell me it's wrong

Clumsy world stands out from basic rules
starts to shine with allthe glory inside
brighter than the most perfect jewel,
precious diamond in the sky

Shoot out to the sky,
oh my red rocket, rise to the sky
still not so perfect but oh let me fly
go straight ahead
through the hazy clouds.
what will I find in tomorrow?

Will I keep on
facing my back lost in where to go
just looking towards the distant sky
"How can I fly?"
said to myself but I'll try,
reach out with all of my might

Why not break through the routine you have
dive into the unordinary day
make it happen, a miracle way
shoot for the goal no one's been, that's your power you know

You can take it!
higher and
brighter and
higher and
brighter so
shine on boy
shine on girl
into the sky!

Blazing, the stars are so bright,
let me hear the melody they chant

Beyond all the reality, take me over the dream
my rising red rocket take me afar
oh take me there
although I still cannot see what will come in my days ahead
but yes,
i'm gonna make it
that'swhat I believe
a new sky spreads in where I go

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