I was walking down Broadway
New York, New York
Tony Llama boots and a Stetson hat
Proud to be a country boy
Just then a messenger called me
Rasta man on the road
He said "You gotta get the rhythm of the islands
Help me carry my load"

You've got to get into Reggae Cowboy
Shuffle them boots on the street
Get into Reggae Cowboy
Feel that Reggae beat
hey hey hey hey

His message hit me like a brick man
First I laughed, then I cried
Somewhere between Jamaica and Nashville
I realized I'd live my life
These days I sit in my garden
Soften frames on a steel guitar
Beautiful rhythms on the tradewinds
Blowing in to a Florida farm

Repeat Chorus

You've got to get into Reggae Cowboy 4x

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