Everyday you're on my mind
But I can't get away from you
You gave me your love
And all of your time
But I can't get away from you
But I can't get away ...

Music, Music, Lose it
I can't leave you behind
Music, Music, Lose it
There aint no way I can leave you behind

Every night you're by my side
Cuz I can't get away from you
When I wake up
Till I lay down
I just can't get away...

You're always there next to me
In all the things that I see
There ain't no way that I
Can't be close to you
You're in my hopes and my dreams
You're like my everything
I don't if I'm too strong out for you
I don't know you don't know


Everytime I'm thinking this will pass
Everything that I do is for you
But I told you that I need some space before
I don't know...

I told you everything
That I had on my mind
I don't know why
I can't get through to you
I don't know why you with me
you could have any guy
I just wanna be so close to you

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