I have a photograph, sometimes it makes me laugh till i cry
you with your arbun curse, me with my smile
rught by your side
that was so long ago, we were just 5 years old i recall
feels like its yesterday. where does it go
when times lisps away
what happened to the boy i loved the man i knew, when you hide in the dark i cant find you

whos gonna save your soul tonight
whos gonna show you things will be alright
who will love the ones you left behind
dont leave me behind

Last time i saw your face, you were too far away to see me
those pretty eyes i've known all of my life somehow had changed
sometimes the winds do blow
so then we have to read what we saw
where ever it takes you toyou know in your heart, im thinking of you
dont ever feel trust in me, i'll be here if that bound ever breaks let me catch you



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