My sister’s kid is tattooed from his head down to his toes
He claims trouble follows him everywhere he goes
He’s such a lazy, loafing, good for nothing, drunken slob
But still he thinks I oughta give his sorry ass a job

People and their problems are giving me a pain
People and their problems are messin’ with my brain
I try to help them solve 'em but they always stay the same
People and their problems are driving me insane

The national debt is all the president can talk about
He claims he can’t do nothin’ for the congress and the house
Our cars are getting repo’d and we’re ‘bout to lose our homes
Then look up on the TV, see him playin’ saxaphone

Old willie, he stays higher than a hundred dollar kite
He huff’s and puffs and smokes that stuff every day and night
His friends all try to change him beggin’, “please quit, willie, please!”
But still they hang around and breathe the same air that he breathes

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