Thanks for savin' my life, for pickin' me up
Dusting me off, making me feel like I'm livin' again

I'm so glad I ran into you
If I hadn't seen you I would have been through
Our love was lucky, though could not stand anymore
Oh, I could never, never, never, never repay you

I'm so grateful for all those things you've done for me
Especially listened to my problems,
then savin' me from misery

I just wanna say thank you, baby, for savin' my life
For pickin' me up, dusting me off
Making me feel like I'm livin' again

I'm so glad you came along
You stopped me from singing that sad, sad song
You're the one who erased the pain
My life would never be the same
You're the very one, that only one
That I've been waitin' for

I wanna thank you for listenin' to all of my problems
And being my shelter in and out of the storm
I just a-wanna say
Putting me all back together, together, together

I can live since I found you, baby
Now I can live since I got you back, baby
(Chorus) I just a-wanna say thank you, baby
For savin' this man, and don't you understand
That what you're doin' saved me
We both hooked up, we played all together
I can't live, I can't live without you, baby, and didn't you,didn't you, didn't you
Didn't you thank me, baby
I wanna thank... for saving my life...

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