sing your song sweet music man
but i won't be there to hold your hand like use to
you know it's really true
you're a hell of a singer and a powerful man
yet you surround yourself, with people who demand
so little of you
you touch my heart with your beautiful song
you even had me singing along right with you
and nobody sings a love song quit like you do
and nobody else can make me sing along
nobody sings a love song, quite like you
Come bring me your softness
comfort me through all this madness
don't you know with you i'm born again
comme give me your sweetness
here with you there is no needness
lieing safe within your arms i'm born again
i was half, not whole, instead with none
reaching through this world
in need of one
come show me your kindness
in your arms i'll know i'll find it
don't you know with you i'm born again
lying safe with you
i'm born

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