Sinners, Monks and Thieves all share the air we breathe
Smoke, Swords and Fire, bravemans true desire
For free men must fight tonight all in the glory of war
We sit in waiting every mile on Hadrian's Wall
With steel dirt and sand
We all have stake in the land
For many will not see
Morning sun rising, flags on the horizon, thus begins the battle of Hadrian's Wall
Tonight they will come, 4,000 chariots strong
River of red flowing down, all in the name of Galaman's crown
For many will not see
Morning sun rising
Over the horizon
Lead by arrows
And the release of the dragon
Blood rivers flowing
Man die without knowing
We fight as legions
Against a crown of treason
On Hadrian's Wall
Oh in the morning, I rise
Never thought I'd see a morning sun rise
Never thought I'd live to see another day
On Hadrian's Wall

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