she was so beautiful to watch
swirling in and out of view
a seemingly Spanish dancer hands and heel
a moonfaced girl with eyes downturned
subtle flusters beneath blackened threads
refined and tempting
so shy and enticing yet i fear
she'll disappear before the night ends

time seems to bring us together again
a decade later and another face
are you the girl I've been dreaming of?
you look like her smell like her
that raven-haired beauty of another time
a rush of memories washing over me
I've always been waiting for someone to set me free

those eyes quietly tell me of a passion we could share
the dance reminds me of a life that we once knew
snares for my hopes snares for my thoughts
snares for my dreams drifting onto oblivion
can you tell me about the intuition I feel
can you tell me about everything I long to understand?

remnants of a deeper purity
remnants of a deeper purity

she was so beautiful to watch drifting out into oblivion
a moonfaced memory with eyes downturned
are you the one the one I've been dreaming of?

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