Baby girl, like cinnamon,
Hot for the skin he's in
Oops, makes you wanna sin again

Defenses start to break
It's more than you can take
Wanna get you, get you, then your heart'll break

He's got no shame, he's got your name
And your number, baby, now you start to wonder
What's in store
What the hell
That spell that he g-g-got you under

Playing a role, he don't care what he stole,
He's a gentleman lover, get you undercover,
He'll try to prove that his love is for you
Just when you think he's changed his tune

He'll break anotha heart, babe
He'll break your heart

STOP before you jump, he'll switch it like a pump
Wanna bump, bump, then you're lookin' dumped
Dear god, not me - Make you wanna thump
Leave you for a night, leave you feelin' like a,
like a chump

So desperate, be your best friend,
Sign you up just to cross you off his checklist,
One more victim, don't test it,
Don't you want something more you can invest in

Sorry baby, there's something coming over me
It's like two sides of me
I try to be good, but I don't wanna be
But you could be a friend of me

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