I saw your picture in the paper today, girl
All 'a sudden, it hit me
You're someone that should know me
Possibly drive me crazy

In the pages and all over the magazine cover
People gossip about you
And your long list of lovers

You don't
Girl, you don't know about me
But you will, that's for sure
That's not with an introduction

I want you to know my name
Take a little sip with some conversation
It's driving me insane
What's it gonna take for some motivation
I want you to know my name
Girl, I just ain't got no shame
Them other guys causin' you pain
I'll show you that I'm not the same
I swear to you I'm not the same

I got this question I keep asking myself
Are you the cure for addiction
Are you love's definition
Or just bad for my health

There's only one way to find out
What we need is each other
Make our own little story
We could start it today

This is how it's gonna look
Just like this
Baby, you and me, pretty girl
In a future of bliss
You want a dog, white fence, and a couple of kids
Anything I'm-a bring ya - just make me a list

I promise I can make you smile
Oh, I swear that I'll be worth your while
All I wanna do is know you

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