Every little beat of my heart
With every breath that I take
am gonna try to forget you
Every time I whisper your name
I am caught in the pain
Can't believe that I left you

The way we laughed, your photograph
reminds me of how I feel
How could I, how could I walk away

Most of the time I think I love you
Most of the time you drive me wild
Going out of my mind can't live without you
There's something about you hey hey
Most of the time

Cheating is a game I won't play
I gave you my heart
Then we both made a promise
Even though I'm so far away
If I hear your voice
Know I'll come back tomorrow

How am I supposed to know
is it right to let you go, it's over, is it over


Most of the time you're the one I want
Most of the time you're all that I need

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