Lockjaw standing on his own lowball landing
Come on mistah reprimanding
Why you so understanding?
Oh she lights the wind on fire in her way
No apologies, no luck tonight
Filtered eyes look on from every side
I wish this could be your big night, Sandy
Watch out for lightning
Sandy waiting on her landing
She was always so demanding
Her voice was so commanding
Say, you're looking like a wipeout
You do this every night out
You wait, I'm thinking
I've got it! You're sinking
And every day it seems there's a blackout on your city block
Charming once, but twice, I'm gone
And I feel like I was there all alone
You're so white, you think yo'ure nothing like me, are you
You wanted new conditions, base it all on intuition
Play it just lke you're Buddha, nothing hurts you `less it needs
Naked like a baby
Don't look like you hate it

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