All across the world now
People fight to be heard
Cryin' for attention, darling
They all want the last last word
Lord, what is the answer
To everybody's prayer
When reason wages war against compassion and despair

Hard times sure worry me
Ain't givin' up, no no no, not me
It ain't just money
That makes it hard times

We gotta have some love...

We are all so fragile
Everybody's flesh and blood
We're all just children
Broken wings and so much love
Can't you see what we've got
Can't you see we've got a lot
Can't you see the love i loan ya
You can keep it for ever and ever

(repeat chorus 2x)

Well, to one man, he's a sinner
To the other, he's seen the light
To one man, he's a sinnin' man
To the other he's gone and seen the light

I'm warning you, i'm warning you, yeah
We've gotta have some solution
Gotta have some real reaction
I'm warning you, i'm calling you all over here
I wanna say something to you
I'm warning you about hard times

(repeat chorus 2x)

It ain't just lack of money
That makes these times so hard, no no no no
Hard times, hard times, are times without love
Hard times, let's make'em good times
Let's make'em real good times
Good good times
Good time.

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