Fluttering away on the wind
The flowers that bloomed by the window

Under the blue sky we held each other close
You looked at me and smiled gently

Softly we kissed beneath the rays of the sun

Time... flowing...
Everything stops in our world alone
And now i swear within my heart never to let you go

The streets of the town that we walked along together
I now walk alone, looking back

I can no longer see your smiling face, or your eyes upon me

The flowers that bloomed by the window fluttered in the wind and
I remember the times when i held you tight

In this season where you once were, i trace the paths we walked
In this place i whisper that i will never love again...

Passing through a thousand ages as i continue my search
I make a wish to see you again
In this place, you and i
Will meet once more

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