I know it's up to me what I am gonna do
Never listened to anyone some people say I'm a fool
Ask me a question and I'll let you know
I just won't tell you about my goals

Gone wrong too many times I know it's not okay
I'm here to show you all what's on my mind today
Another question' You don't wanna know
Give me a break in the end you'll know

I'm out to find you
I have denied you
I gotta find you
I will find you

I'm looking forward to see myself again today
I can't foresee the future but I'm on my way
Show me your thing! and let me know
But to be lucky I've gotta go


Give me a reason to stop
Ouh, let me think, back me up
Where are you, don't shut me out
I will find you
I will find you

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