Well, looks like I'm going again
I can't seem to believe myself
Here I go again here I go again
here I go again listen to me now
It's five o'clock am and the party
is still going strong, there's a
conversation going in the corner
Big Ed is all on the lawn
and the fm music is groovin'
folks getting down getting down
in their stocking feet
sleepy eyes are peeping
from the window across the street

(chorus) and it looks like daylights
gonna catch me up again
most people like getting up
when I'm just getting in
oh its the only only time
it seems to be the only time
when I can unwind

Swore to myself, time and time
and time again that I would give
up the night life and start layin' in
but it ain't easy no no
sayin' no to my friends
cause the real cause the real
set don't get started till everyone
else is in

(Repeat chorus)


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