You know, people always ask me say bobby why do you always talk before you sing?
You know like I notice in most of your songs, you always have somethin to say.
People that talk usually I think that you should have somethin to say, or you shouldn't talk just to be talkin.

But I feel that anytime I got somethin to say imma say it, cause I cause maybe it'll help you on your merry way.
Like I'm an entertainer, I'm in show business, and I like to speak for all people that's in show business, lot of people don't understand. They look at us different, but there's no difference we need the same thing, that you need.

It's simple like, let's say if you were away from home, know what I mean? Wnd uh, you make home, or you try, or you make an attempt to make home, where it was, know what I mean? where it is.

So like uh, so like a few days ago, I was in uh, chicago, and after the show I had previously I had seen this young lady sitting backstage and she was uh, seem like she had a whole lot of time on her hands, or I didn't know. So after the show, I was a little lonely and I didn't want to go back to the hotel by myself, and I had been feeling her vibe all through the whole night, so I said hey baby what're you doin after the show?

She said oh I ain't doin nothin. I said, well dig, like I'm at the holiday inn room 234, why don't you stop by and have a drink?

She said,"aw you don't wanna buy me no drink, you can buy me a drink right here." said,"you just wanna get me up in your room."

You know? And so many times this is said to entertainers and it makes em feel so bad, you know what I mean?
It's like, I've always been the kind of person if that was the case I would tell you, yes I want you in my room.

The only reason you'd be hangin around was because you would want to be there anyway, or was waitin on an opportunity if that was the case.
Know what I mean? See what people gotta learn is to start doing is don't d-don't don't be jivin yourself, you can't fool yourself.

You know? I'm just gon, if I if if I want water,
I'm gon ask for water I'll say, say I'm thirsty.

You know what I mean?
But the whole thing to all of this is just that, you know imma be gone tomorrow, I mean even if I wanted to stay my job won't permit me to? Iou know what I mean? it gets real technical, it gets down in the contract, agencies.

People like that you know. Ind it's all about money, and it seems, but with me it's all about feelings. I don't wanna get you involved, I don't wanna mess up your life if you got somethin goin, like keep a man, it's cool to have a man from 9 to 5.

Ain't nuthin wrong with that. Like I say, don't get hung up on me, cause tomorrow I might be gone on down the road.
It's cool if you can handle it, if you got a good man remember one thing.

Oh, he'll be there, when your sun go down
And I'll be somewhere runnin down that same old line
In another town

I thought I'd let you know, where I'm comin from
I don't really mean you no wrong,
But I gotta keep movin on, gotta keep movin on

And he'll be there when your lights go dim,
So why chase me up and down the road,
And in your mind you know you should be with him'

Ohh I can't help, but we can't help what we feel inside, baby,
Wanna let it out, be we all hung up on pride
But oh pride can't fulfill the need inside,
Come and get it, go on home, but leave it outside ohh

Cause he'll be there, (I'm just tellin you like it is)
When the sun go down

You ain't always be sweet sixteen,
So while you still caryin little weight, find you somebody that's gon really mean you some good.

Mmmmmm. Listen to me.

But don't get me wrong,
I fall in love like any other man do.
But I gotta keep movin from place to place,
And in my heart, I might just wanna be with you
I have to get it where I can,
Can't you see I'm like ohhh any other man

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