First time I saw you girl,
I knew that wouldn't long
I tried holdin' back my feeling,
But you como on so strong
No one told me about her,
But I know they all know
That I know about the girl's
That do the things you do
Cause you're all talk, no action
You're playing those games with me baby,
Well one of us has go to win
Some day all the boys are gonna find out
Thay you won't even play with them
You're runnin' out of numbers baby
You won't say no, you just say maybe
One of these days you're gonna get
What's comin' to you
Cause you're all talk, no action
You better stop this foolin' around
You tore it up to cool me down
Stick and stones will break my bones
But their names could never hurt me
I ain't afraid of you running away,
If you love me tonight and desert me.

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