Kids are rockin' to the radio, you got your friends in the car rarin' to go
The DJ tells you it's almost time for the show
Where's Roxy in the mirror fixin' her hair, looking at the stockings that she wants to wear
Front row tickets everybody's gonna be there
And they're singing oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh
The night it comes to set the scene
And the band arrives in a limousine
Flash your cameras, still seems like a dream
Everybody's walking forward in the hall
Walkin' the seats at the Rock 'n Roll ball
Lipstick ladies driving you crazy

You know you can't sit down because you got to stand up, stand up
That's all you got to do, stand up, stand up the music'll pull you through
Stand up, stand up, all ya gotta do is
Stand up, stand up, the time is here and tonight we're here for you

All right, yeah, it's getting late so you can't go far
The roadie tunes that last guitar
The band can't wait to hit the stage, anticipation would turn the page
Roxie's old manager, she had to ask
Whatcha gotta do for a backstage pass
Get you down to the dressing room
Honey, all you got to do is oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

All you got to do is stand up, stand up
That's all you got to do, just stand up, stand up
Let the music pull you through, you gotta stand up, stand up
That's all you gotta do, you gotta stand up, stand up
Cause the time is here baby, now we're here for you

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