He says he's your friend, but you don't see hin
He says that he's so damn busy, but he don't know
nothing at all
You get hin on the phone, he was just gonna call you
Says he's been thinking about old times
And Looking at you picture on the wall

He's stringin' ou the same old lines
That he puts everyone through
They're only lies, intentions just won't do
At times it fees all wrong
Till he finds out we've caught on
He's stringin' a line, he's stringin' a line

So you try to forget, but that ain't so easy
Cause if you've got one small doubt
There was never anything there
You dangle on line, a captive fool
Well you know he'll try again
And it will just be the same as last time

Chorus (2x)...
I Lost you Chasing those Hollywood Dreams

You Smiled for the camera, is all they ever say
Transmitting my emotions, a thousand miles away
They chased me through the streets, callin' out my name
I'm coming home to you this, life is driving me insane

Climbing up the stairs, knocking on the door
She don't recognize me, don't want me anymore

Chorus (3x)

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