You say you've seen it before
it's time you realize
The promisse they never meant to keep
They're nothing more than lies

You can come to me with your problems
How he turned you on with his lines
There ain't no use in pretending
Cause you know love is blind

Who hurt you this time
Layin' you heard on the live

Who said it would last forever
And he's never break your heart
You should have known better
That lovers sometimes part

So baby stop crying
And wipe those tears out from you eyes
It's time to get back on you feet again
Life's full of alibis

If I've told you once (once)
I've told you twice (twice)
Said it a thousand times before
You're so young and too innocent
You keep on comin' back for more

Who hurt you this time
When you lay your heart on the live


So old you head up high
It's lonely in the dark
Let someone else try to mend your broken heart
To make a brand new start of things and I
Give you everything that you want this time

Chorus 2x

Who said it would last forever (3X)

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