Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, featuring The Outlawz. Forever Young.

(Why you got to go and make things so complicated?) Just rock with me, baby/ Instead of walkin' around, come cool with me/ Instead of havin' your doubts, come rock with me, baby so...

All of your life all she wanted to be was somebody with a college degree/ So up and down that you ain't need me/ I used to tell you all the time that it ain't easy/ Puppy love's what we had in the past, now you a lady and you full of pizazz'/ You tell me that I'm crazy and my life won't last/ I'm gettin' cash comin' out my ass/ I got game, I can't change/ I swear, all I love is family and beer (Beer)/ Most niggas' square, but my mind ain't designed to care (That's right nigga)

-E.D.I. Amin-
Now, you can move slow, or you can shake it fast/ It don't matter, girl, go on and bounce your ass/ See, I'm a boss playa, just like my big homies/ Addicted to money, weed with the cig on it/ Now, you ain't a dime piece (Nope), but you's a strong lady/ Your ass is think, lookin' sweet like a prom date/ But I ain't the prom king, bitch, I'm the prom fiend/ E.D.I the crunk king, c'mon do your thing


-Layzie Bone-
I'm a thug and he a thug, be showin' love to the Thug Brothers/ In the streets or in the club we some cool motherfuckers/ Come and kick it with me, shorty, we tryna get to know you/ Don't need anything 'cause my clique is wide; We bonafied soldiers/ Dance floor is where I met her/ Sean Paul was in the speakers, twistin' the hips and doin that reggae shit/ Damn, I wanted to freak her/ But instead I played it mellow, like "How you doing? Hello" (What's up, girl?) If you ain't got no fellow, let me take you to that other level/ And she was with it, with it; I'm talkin' about off the hinges/ Grey Goose and Hennessy/ This bitch was Dennis Menace/ Pullin' my sleeve, and I'm like "Damn, baby hold on. You fuckin' up the Phat Farm suit, bitch roll on" You complicate my pimpin' hand, can't you see, I'm a simple man (L-Burna)/ You fuck around and wear a brick from the Timberland's, situation went fine/ Baby, way passed faded, so... silly motherfuckers


-Layzie Bone-Outro-
Now, I got game, mo' game/ Sit back and watch the movie, let it play/ We hear the same ol' shit everyday/ Get high and watch the paper stack
Yeah, Bone Thugs. Yeah, Outlawz. Uh, Deenucka. Self Service Entertainment. Deuce Double-O 4. Thug niggas. Don't give these bitches the time of day when they around here actin' up and actin' like they don't know the motherfuckin' program. Bitch, beat it. We not on that bullshit. This' real thug shit, real soldiers. Respect us like that 'cause we will smack the shit out' you. Ha ha, motherfuckers. Yeah, yeah. Layzie Bone, ya'll.

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