I've been drinkin [x6]
(Shit, Layzie Bone, Big Tubby... this your boy Layzie Bone)

[Chorus x2: Thin C (Layzie)]
I've been drinkin and you're on my mind
(toss it up, comin close with me)
Let me hit it one more time (toss it up, comin close with me)
We'll make it a double (we'll make it a double)
We'll stay out of trouble, yeah (we'll stay outta trouble, yeah)

[Layzie Bone:]
I've been drinkin heavy overtime, baby you've really been on my mind
When I called you didn't pick up the line, feelin like I done fell behind
So I'm at the bar drinkin my troubles away cause shit got deep
Lost my house and my car last week, I was livin like I was a star last week
Tryin to harvest these streets, got knocked by the feds
Now all of this stuck in my head
Should I run, now how should I've pled? If I cop this plea I'm dead
This is a decision, if I go to prison who's gonna take care of my kids?
Nobody will listen, now why won't they listen
Now why won't nobody forgive me?
Hey, bartender let me order another round
At least you could help me out, I need a Grey Goose right now
And make it a double, don't mix it with nothin cause I'm gettin double bent
Well put a Red Bull on the side, I wanna stay warm for the fuck of it
After about three shots, my problems is startin to fade away
So I'm a keep on tossin 'em back, I'm feelin my buzz done stayed today
Don't worry who drivin me, bitch, I'm designated
Just put the Grey Goose in the cup, hurry up and make it


[Bizzy Bone:]
Now gimme some Henny, any brown liquor, Coca-Cola in ice
Hittin the club, next to the bar, feelin so nice in my eyes
A little somethin lookin thirsty, order some Dom towards her table
Bring her some O-J full of Mimosa, strawberries, and a coaster
Lookin cool, like Clark Gable fittin my gangsta fedora
Light up a Newport, in a non-smokin section, stars important though
Do what I do smoothly, she keep lookin like "Come"
Finish my Henny, no more Henny, fuck it, give me some rum
Order my slow jam, my homies is whisperin like "This Bizzy"
Her expressions is like, "That's who he is? " Yeah that's who is he
She motions to me chill with her, take my rum and go over
She's tellin her girls to move over, I'm surrounded by my soldiers
And one of 'em drinkin Ketel One, and one of 'em drinkin Tanqueray
One of 'em drinkin Goose, and the other, Perrier-Jouët
My limo is in the back, we have all that plus weed
Watchin movies with five broads, drinkin Mo' in the streets


[Layzie Bone: x2]
Toss it up, comin close with me
Toss it up, comin close with me
We'll make it a double
We'll stay outta trouble, yeah

[instrumental plays for 26 seconds]

[Chorus: fades out]

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