[Bizzy Bone:]
I keep it poppin in the city and it's harder than the column
Lock it, if not then we gon' do it with the quickness, and the holy 'ah
Swifter with the thought, is they slippery, liberty or not?
I'm stuck up in the prison, religion, and do you see the cause?
Hatin in the temple, we got it, is you ready or not?
As-Salaam Alaikum, can't break 'em unless the hatin stops
Clockin in the nation, wanted my presence in the séance
God, I'm a play on, mosiac, don't even say it
Okay, no way, 55, no ways
That's the way we play, all day, all day
Christ, slice the diamonds in the knife
Yes, B.B. I'm the best, most definitely
Hefty, the water is so maximum, then holla back at 'em
"You got 'em Daddy? " We gon' mash on 'em (mash on 'em)
Ghetto harmony, the army in the faction of the masses
Mob Life, Soprano, my nigga with no apples

[Chorus x2: Bizzy Bone]
Baby chill, you know that you gon' be all right
And everything is tight, stars in the sky and a little of the moonlight
Ride to the rhythm of a prisoner
Ride to the rhythm of a prisoner

[Layzie Bone:]
Okay I'll do it for the money, the chains and the bracelets
Caddy coupes and the Maybach too, daily I be chasin it
Nigga I'm impatient with it, all the time I'm tryin to get it
All about perfect timin, dig it? I'm a giant, you a midget
I could talk or show my digits, put that on my love
You talk about it, we live it, put that on my thug
We thugged out niggaz, from the St. Clair area
Still got bank that's buried up, these motherfuckers is scared to touch
Rush up on a nigga with the wig split still
Even though these niggaz sue I gotta keep it real
For the house up on the hill, I murda murda kill
That there is where I live, up there we do it big
Protected by Jesus, stand back, back
Artillery shops so stacked up; I be waitin for a nigga to act up
My ride down's a smooth one, these guns man I use them
Most times I got two guns, I'm a burst and I'm a fool son


[Bizzy Bone:]
Now what are you thinkin about, leavin me stranded, I didn't plan it
Fresh Ralph Laurens, umbrellas to limos, still standin
Check the watch baby, wait, I must do business alone
Give me problems when I come home, now you in the zone
I'm makin love, let you know it's the choices of a dove
Who hardcore? Genesis baby, this is the cov'
Second God and give me immaterial love fo' sho'
No Eve, not an angel in sight, baby you know
When it's over then it's over, you can put it on, oh
There they go, watchin mental where your spirit and soul
Never been married and my brother's been murdered, but momma boast{? }
Close the case, then we gone, spend eternity with the Lord
No sentence, no repentance, just clean clothes in the ward
Huh, we in the yard, Allahu Akbar give me the swords
Slap skins with the homie, watchin my mother and child
Worship no cow, Thug love, baby you know my style


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