Layzie Bone-Intro-
Ya, we vibin...What??! This is, another Self Entertainment Production. Bone Thugs, ya. Hey Moo that's that nigga right there dawg, that's the same nigga that was talkin shit at the club dawg. (I'ma straight riduh)

-Layzie Bone-
(Watch out) Twenty nine and ya I'm prime and baby gettin down with the best of them/ You thought I would slip and fall, end up like the rest of them/ That's what you expect from them, never the Thugs nigga this Bone/ Whoop him like he stole somethin, I'ma beat him like I'm Roy Jones/ And I thought I told you "Life is quick and fast.", better get up and get the cash, get the mask, niggas be lettin this simple pass/ Number 1 is up for grabs, I'ma be the victor mayne/ Strong arm, take this shit, like I was the Pita mayne/ Bulldoze against the grain, I always been a rebel dawg/ Kickin ass, takin names on a whole notha level dawg/ Raw since a teenager, mobile phones and style pagers/ Brought up in the projects, now we ballin skyscrapers/ H-2s and Escalades, customized, special made/ Hollywood to Broadway, check it dawg, we gettin paid/ And naw I ain't about to change, I'ma just continue grindin/ Bills paid, babies eatin, record sales steadily climbin

-Bizzy Bone-Chorus-
Ride or die...ain't nothin wrong, I'm ready to get the battle on/ Ride or die...waitin for war, waitin for warfare...yea

-Krayzie Bone-
A nigga got a flow that's so sick, my shit is in critical condition/ And if there's a cure for this, I don't need a vixon/ Gimme the blunt and let me split that shit, I hit that shit/ We ain't smokin, rollin no pennies, we blow big fat spliff/ My nigga, just sit back with me/ It's the Thugs, that's runnin this motherfucker so bitch answer to us, we them mans, we the ones/ We started this thuggish ruggish to rough and rugged shit/ Weed smokin, heat tokin fuck wit me killa, fuck a bitch/ I must admit, these niggas, they caught on quick/ Balls is gettin pretty jealous cause they all on dick/ Battle you wanna ride? Man I'll battle you with a nine! Millimeter heater, start to breathin and stop the bleedin/ Thug leader, straight out of Cleveland, just released to the streets/ Paper chasins, playa hatas get put six feet underneath, what a creep/ So don't be fuckin with Krayzie I come through blazin with my Leathaface and Sawed-Off, serve a niggas raw dawg


-Bizzy Bone-
Resurrection of a radical, none of these rappers compatible/ Ready for combat, fanatical tragedies never tattle, automatic guns rattlin/ Moppin up blood stains, grievance/ And I done seen about everything in the world with Jesus/ I been through armageddon, underboss one disciple/ Tear it up and start if all over/ Let me re-write the Bible/ My shits maniacal, drink Henny until I spit up bile/ Livin this crazy life, la vida loca/ Banging that Coca-Cola, boppin that Motorola Souljah, this shit is (?)in bullets are whistlin bitch/ I am the master of my destiny/ Never know Delialo, or know Gezabell, my sister say "Don't let them broads, stress me." I need the silence of the spirits, I am the lamb/ These niggas gone hate it, corrupt it again (Mm)/ It's the religions of Abraham, wether I'm Muslim, Baptist, Catholic, or Jewish leave with the Christians/ This is Thug Life, nigga (My


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