Krayzie: Jeremiah 10: 23,24 "We will know oh LORD that to Earthly men his way does not belong, it does not belong to man who must walk even to direct his step, correct me oh Jehova however with judgement not in anger that you may not reduce us to nothing"

(Chorus) Order my steps, lead me, guide me, everyday send your annointing father I pray order my steps in the world

Layzie: Why am I payin' this price for fame now with the shame I'm goin' blame cause I'm solo empty. When I can stop and give it all to Christ cause in his name no weapon should be formed against me, simply know that the world gon' tempt me Satan is the enemy GOD please help us I don't want to be selfish I don't want to live my life tryin' to be rebellious.

Wish: Who be checkin' when ya know ya doin' wrong huh? Got your steps, give your blessings, know right from wrong, turn the lights on, all ya gotta do is follow faith till they call us all home, but its so hard temptation is everywhere gotta hold my guard like oh my GOD

Krayzie: Halleujah, Halleujah, now I might not make it to Heaven but I'm tryin' to come back in the resurrection change my place in paradise, so I pray to GOD try to change my life but temptation make it hard for me to make it out, man I gotta quit lustin, still I need to stop smokin' I need GOD's guidance without it I'm hopeless lone and about world zonin it out im gone LORD please help me stand strong.


Layzie: A lot of soldiers in the pin aint ever comin' home, can you find it in your heart to pray, so it seems everything goin' wrong and you're just tryin' to find your way, momma just wanna feed her babies, tryin' to keep a safe place to stay, don't stress it's a test GOD BLESS all ya really gotta do is just keep your faith.

Wish: You can feel it if you open up, you can get it if you need love, as much as a mustard seed is all you need, small person pays for the air that we breathe and the baby is born, place to go when we leave, food that we eat, weapon when we sleep, it's a miracle no believin' the LORD

Krayzie: HEY! What cha seein' on the news has already been written in the Bible but aint nobody takin' the time to realize that believin' and readin' the scriptures could mean your survival and I don't wanna die no neva, I wanna live forever and I would a lot better, so when Armageddon really come true what chu gon' do?


(Kray) swing low (Lay) GOD loves me, (Kray) swing low (Lay) ask me how I know (Kray) swing low (Lay) GOD loves me, ask me how I know (Kray) swing low (Lay) GOD loves me, ask me how I know, (Kray) swing low, swing low I know cause the Bible tells me so

Layzie: You know GOD is good, you know GOD is great and everyday I wake I gotta thank him for my life and even though its hard I know I make mistakes I give it everything it takes just to make it right, this is Satan's land understand the plan yall Jesus comin back with a furious mind better praise everyday hurryin' doin' your job glory to the king that's my heavenly father.

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